Never ones to miss an opportunity for pageantry, Hungarians have already memorialized Sixteen19’s “The Borgias” Avid setup in relief.

Sixteen19 recently teamed with Colorfront in Budapest to provide Post services for “The Borgias,” a Showtime series by creator Neil Jordan based on a dynastic Italian family.  Using their increasingly popular Onset Dailies (OSD) software, Colorfront is providing dailies for the show, while Sixteen19 is providing Avids and support.  Both companies look forward to teaming on more projects.

Dailies are being processed at Colorfront’s state-of-the-art Post facilty in Budapest, while editorial is housed at the surprisingly modern Korda studios in Etyek. 


Korda Studios.


Sixteen19 is a major OSD fan and customer, having used it to provide on-location dailies for its own list of high profile feature film and television projects.

Director of Mobile Services for Sixteen19, Chad Andrews, took a break from producing dailies on the feature film “Gambit” to setup the editorial at Korda.  His first time to Hungary, we was charmed by the rich history, grandeous architecture and stoic residents.  Chad had the opportunity to spend time with the Colorfront staff, including owners Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, and walked away impressed by his four days in Budapest.


“In many ways being in Budapest feels like you’re rooted in the past, but then Korda and especially Colorfront are two of the most modern feature film venues in existence.  We mesh with Colorfront because we both walk on the leading edge.  Mobile dailies are taking hold throughout the States and Europe and as we continue to use OSD as a cornerstone of our mobile dailies unit.”




~ by postfilm on July 7, 2011.

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