On the Docket at SXSW


Just putting together my schedule.  Plenty of films I want to sneak in, but the panels are the thing.

These aren’t all of the panels I’ll attend, but they are a few that I’m excited about.  I’ll make sure to blog and Tweet as I go.

New Tools for Filmmakers: Virtually Augmented 3.0 Reality

About collaborative filmmaking in the cloud.  Promising. 

Crafting the Footage: Editing Your Film

One panelists is Sandra Adair, whom I’ve worked with more than once and love.  Looking forward to catching up!

Inside Sony’s F3: Affordable 35mm PL Mount Camcorder

Enough said, that’s right in my wheelhouse and I’m excited about this new camera. 

The Nitty Gritty on 3D

This has Keith Collea on it, who is one of my favorite Stereographers.  (You know you may be a geek when you have a favorite Stereographer.)  Met Keith at last year’s panel and he’s been a great resource.

The State of 3D in Cinema and Home

We at Sixteen19 are proud of our 3D expertise.

Cinematic Production with DSLRs

The Ultimate Backup – Keeping Media Alive

Both of the above tie in with the workflow tools we are building for digital capture and archive.

And The Last Broadcast: Entertainment is Social – What’s Next?

That’s one where a futurist from Intel blows our minds with where entertainment technology will be in 2020.  Cool.


~ by postfilm on March 11, 2011.

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